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    1 month ago

    Custom act
    If a person going in foreign country and declared goods as a baggage then duty will be levied or not ??

    If a person coming into India from foreign country then duty is leviable in some cases. As per rule 3 and 4

    what will be the treatment if he going outside India then duty is leviable or not ?? Or exempt

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    • ahar jaane p thodi na declare karna hota h esa kch like voh banda ghumne ja rha ya fir business k purpose se bhi ja rha h toh India se jaaye wqt baggage ka kch nhi hoga

      After returning usko green ya red channel se aake self declaration deni hoti h and exempt voh 2 case m ho jaata h ek toh personal joh regular items hoti h but make sure ki us product tag na ho like if you are taking jacket so voh esa ho ki hmne use ki hui h

      And kch cheeze custom officer hme allow karte h voh Exemption h but voh bhi tab jab unko lagta h ki genuine case h ya unko satisfaction hogi bas tab

      Jaise for example aapko normally ek phone allowed h ki personal use k liye ek hi phone hona chahiye and aap dusra phone le ke aaye and aapne red channel se gye toh agr unko lga ki theek h hme duty nhi leni chahiye toh nhi lenge vo