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    2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Jb building transfer Feb 21 m hua h and purchase 1.4.19 m hua tha to deemed income and also actual cost in the hands of Arnav actual cost – Dep(P.Y.19-20) – Dep(P.Y.20-21) hona chahiye n..???

    Or agr nhi to kyu nhi.. plz anyone explain this…

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    • 35AD main deduction liya hain…usse 8 years ke pehle transfer kar diya to non specified business…so 50 lakhs deemed income. But 50 lakhs par depreciation mil jayega for the year of acquisition as per explanation 13 to section 43(1), hence 45 lakhs deemed income. and on income question of depreciation doesnot arise for 2020-21