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    4 months, 1 week ago

    When brothers Rajat Jain, 34, and Mohit Jain, 31, launched Kimirica in 2013, they were working out of a small, 100sqft room. The duo also had bad debts, and faced a huge cash crunch.

    But they had seen that more than 70 percent of amenity products and toiletries for international hotel brands were imported. And they were convinced by their idea that they could manufacture these products locally and sell them to hotels.

    Their conviction and determination helped Kimirica overcome insurmountable odds and become India’s largest manufacturer of luxury hotel toiletries and guest room amenities.

    Kimirica Hunter is now worth Rs 300 crore, and serves a large number of international hotel chains such as Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, Jumeirah, Hyatt, etc.