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    5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Umar Akhter was just 16 years old when hard times fell upon his father, Saifulla Akhter, a Bengaluru-based sarees distributor. Saifulla’s retailers in Hyderabad shut shop and Saifulla’s payment of around Rs 8 lakh was stuck.

    One day, they heard that a small businessman from Kolar was selling his small shop at a meagre amount, and inspiration struck.

    With the help of close friends and family, Saifulla managed to collect the amount to make the initial deposit to rent out the shop. In the process, he had to stop Umar’s education when the boy was in Class XI, and send him to take care of the shop in Kolar.

    Umar took the challenge upon himself, and after a brief stint in the US, came back to India and led Koskii to Rs 35 crore revenue. Today, it sells lehengas (which is its main range), sarees, dresses, gowns, fabrics, and more.