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    4 months ago

    In 2015, two friends started working out of a small basement in a house in Bengaluru. The basement had a few laptops, chairs, a table, and a mosquito bat.

    “Lanwin Pais and I started as event enthusiasts during college -planning and organising experiences for F&B clients. We decided to leverage our network of reliable contacts within the F&B industry and start a business. The basement of my house would become our first office,” says Mayur Tekwani.

    Mayur and Lanwin worked full-time jobs at a family textile business and Amazon, respectively, and took the decision to quit so they could start a business.

    Mayur co-founded Think Tree Media when he was 22 -around the same age as Lanwin. In four years, the founders grew the business into a team of 27 and moved into a 5,000sqft office in Benson Town. “We landed over 50 clients across India. Since 2015, we have made over Rs 10 crore on the whole. In 2019-20, we are on track to make Rs 3 crore revenue,” Mayur says.